Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat, According to Personal Trainers

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According to fitness coaches, these are the best weight loss activities and exercises. Do you need more motivation? Get the Tone Up practice DVD, which contains 15-minute full-body exercises you can do at home. 1 Burpee This exercise can exercise your core, chest, shoulders, latissimus dorsi, arms, and quadriceps. -Designate Michaels. Because poppy exercises involve fine, enhanced development, they also make your heart beat faster. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and when you fall on the floor in a low squat position, pull your hips back. Then place your hand directly above your foot, push your foot back so that your ribs will touch your hand on the floor, lift yourself to the board, and kick your foot Out of your hand. With your weight on your heels, you raise your arms above your head and jump dangerously in the air. Like Poppy Jump, Michaels is a fan of this movable plank exercise, because although your body has many other muscles, it can exercise your core. Orientation: Assume a high plank position with the wrist slightly below the shoulder. Press the center as you pull the button from the abdomen to the spine, place your right knee in front of your chest, and then put it back on the board. Then put your left knee on your chest and put it back. .3 Turkish UprisingThe Turkish suit is a 200-year-old full-body exercise using iron dumbbells. It is one of the best choices of superstar tutor Ramona Braganza. Although this is a bit confusing, it does show that all body shaping exercises are actually feasible. Affect belly fat. The most effective way to make Turkish clothes is to lie on your side in a fetal position while holding the handle of the iron with both hands. Roll onto your back and press the iron against the ceiling with both hands. Arm until the weight stabilizes on one side. Raise your free arms and legs at a 45-degree angle, palms facing down. Move the folded side-impact point closer to your hips to keep the floor stable. Put your feet on the floor, lift the portable kettlebell with your folded hand, and then rotate it with your other hand. Avoid using your shoulders to pull the support side towards your ears. Make sure your chest is fully exposed. Place your elbows on the floor and enter a comfortable position. Rotate the front legs back. To support the knee, the calf of the hind leg should rest on the calf of the front leg. Fits perfectly to the arm: the wrist is on the elbow, the shoulder is on the elbow, and the wrist. Keep the chest area straight. Rotate the back knees so that the back legs are in line with the front legs. Count the floor with your toes, then take a deep breath and hold your breath. Add a medicine ball to the burpee to increase exercise volume and improve digestion, while creating smooth, well-defined abdominal muscles. Step-by-step instructions for the solid ball: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grab the solid ball with both hands. Place the ball on your head, hit the ball as hard as possible on the floor at this time, twist it and return to the piston on impact. When twisting, bend your knees, place your hands on the floor outside your feet, and then jump back to the high plank position. Keep your body in order. Then place your feet on the outside of your arms at this time so you can squat down. Lift the ball and slide it over your head, straighten your body and keep it upright. 5 Smear Smear is essentially a steroid poppy, a full-body exercise that can exercise any muscle that can be trained and used. Build and regulate the calories of the upper and lower body, especially the abdominal muscles. Braganza explained that taking your regular burpee to a higher level, forcing it to touch the floor with your chest, and then do push-ups to reach the table as the movement develops. Sit down and put your hands on the floor. Press your feet on the board and lower your body to touch the floor. Lower yourself onto the board, then jump out of your arms and squat down. Go away. This is a repetition. “You need to burn more calories and increase your jumps every time,” Braganka added.6 Side medicine ball hitting “The medicine ball hitting is a dynamic, refined and purely metabolic exercise that targets more than just one muscle group,” explained Premier Body and Mind coach and creator Chris Divecchio. The oblique hamstrings, hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders are the main driving forces of this sport. “In any case, almost every muscle of the body can be used in some way as an auxiliary exercise in the event of prolonged weakness, which can lead to the destruction of the intestines,” he added. Performing left and right kicks instead of overhead kicks will put more pressure on the abdominal muscles on both sides. Spread the medicine ball on one side. Catch the ball and basically bend your body by hitting it a few inches from your little finger. Try to rotate your feet and bend your back knees when you enter a split squat or throw the ball aside. We are replacing the side.Make sure to fix the core when rolling the ball overhead and sideways. 7 Overhead Medicine Ball Hits Strengthen your core by neutralizing gravity. Be sure to use a heavy ball in this exercise. Step-by-step instructions for throwing the medicine ball above your head: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the medicine ball with both hands. Raise both arms above your head to fully extend your body. Kick the ball forward and down to the floor. Extend your arms to the floor when you punch and don’t twist your knees when you twist.Squat down to catch the ball, then stand up. 8 Russian turning DiVecchio explained that the Russian curve is a basic exercise that can improve the strength and clarity of a certain angle. On the other, stand firmly on the support, sit still, and keep your feet on the floor. Instructions for Russian sit-ups: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet off the floor. Hold the medicine ball with both hands and place it on your chest. Sit down, straighten your spine, keep your waist at a 45-degree angle, and keep your arms a few inches from your chest. From here, twist the waist to the side, pause and contract the fine muscles of the right arm, and then twist the waist to the side and pause the contraction of the left muscle at this time. Development should come from the ribs, not the hands.9 BOSU Ball Planks You know that aerobic exercise is very important to consume the fat layer that covers muscle strength. In any case, it is necessary to work hard to lose fat while keeping the abdominal muscles working. -Said Adam Sanford Fitness, founder of Adam Sanford Fitness, a New York fitness coach. Sanford said Bosu is checking his balance. “When your body tries to regain control by testing your balance, your abdominal muscles, oblique muscles, and deep lateral muscle strength are triggered,” he said. Helps improve digestion and ultimately helps consume more calories and fat. Step-by-step instructions for making a BOSU ball board: Roll the BOSU ball to the elastic side, and grab the edge of the plane to the sides with both hands over the shoulders.Hold the skateboard for 30 to 45 seconds. If you feel more secure, you can increase the time. 10 Running on a slope Running on a slope instead of running on a flat surface seems to increase calorie intake by 50%, he said. Jill Penfold is a fitness coach in Los Angeles. Penfold recommends that you can start walking within 5-10 minutes, whether you are on an outdoor hillside or in a treadmill entertainment center. “As your speed increases, your heart rate should increase overnight,” he said. Try this exercise on a treadmill: walk or run on a slope for five to ten minutes. Continue running for 5-10 minutes, then increase the speed again and start running. “It doesn’t have to be a full-scale show,” Penfold said, but it must be so closely linked that you can’t have a discussion. Continue to run for five minutes, then dismount and sprint.Continue the replacement by running for 5 to 10 minutes and 5 to 10 minutes for 30 to 45 minutes.

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