Diet For Healthy Hair

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While medications and shampoos play an important role in maintaining strong hair, the key to having thick, shiny, and tight curls is a good diet routine. Spinach iron deficiency is the fundamental contributing factor to hair loss. Spinach isn’t just an amazing source of iron. In addition to nutrients A, C and proteins, it also contains sebum, which acts as a characteristic hair conditioner and provides us with corrosive omega-3, magnesium, potassium, and calcium that maintain a firm scalp and shiny hair. useful for the eyes, carrots contain vitamin A, which also improves hair development. A lack of nutrient A can lead to a dry and uncomfortable scalp. Carrots are known to increase hair thickness, make hair shine, improve blood circulation, strengthen hair, protect hair from external damage such as pollution, and also help prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Eggs Since hair is made up of 68% keratin protein, eggs help rebuild damaged hair. They’re also high in a B nutrient called biotin that helps hair development. Oatmeal Oatmeal is rich in fiber, zinc, iron, omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs), which promote hair development and make it thick and firm. Pecans contain biotin, B nutrients (B1, B6, and B9), vitamin E, lots of protein, and magnesium, all of which strengthen the skin of the hair nails and support the scalp. Lentils Lentils are an incredible source of protein, iron, zinc, and biotin, and contain folic acid, which is important in restoring the well-being of the red blood platelets that provide the skin and scalp with much-needed oxygen. Lean meats like chicken or turkey are high in protein, which strengthens delicate hair and prevents hair breakage. Strawberries and Guavas Strawberries contain undeniable amounts of silica. Silica is a minor element that is essential for hair strength and development. Rice is one of the various sources of foods rich in silica. , Oatmeal, onions, cabbage, cucumber, and cauliflower. Nutrient C also prevents the hair from weakening and breaking. While we often consider oranges to be the best source of nutrient C, one guava contains four to five times that amount. B5 and Vitamin D are known to promote hair follicle wellbeing. Yam Beta Carotene protects against dry, dull hair and invigorates the organs of the scalp to produce a slippery liquid called sebum. Orange ground products like carrots, pumpkin, melon, mangoes, and yams are an incredible source for this.

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