beauty Tips For Girls: 6 Ways To Fight The Summer Heat Wave

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This article provides some beauty tips for girls to help them resist the hot summer. First, let’s start dieting and get rid of the bad guys: fatty sauces, fried sandwiches, starchy foods, alcohol, and carbonated drinks. Their summer bar contains chaas (buttermilk), coconut water, lime water, zucchini, and azaleas to keep the body cool. Also include plenty of seasonal fruits in your diets, such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, raita, and pumpkin. …(Ghee) Add fresh mint leaves to your diet. Foods, salads, and drinks to keep you cool. Cosmetics for cooling off In addition to a light diet, here are some simple beauty tips for girls that can help you heal the worries of summer. I suggest you rub some bitter gourd on your feet and palms to see how your skin feels. Burning eyes. If your eyes are stinging, please store the used tea bags in the refrigerator, and then put them in your eyes for a while. Relax for a few minutes. Water pads and cucumber slices are also effective. To make your skin look fresh, I suggest you always keep fresh rose water in the refrigerator and spray it on your face and neck several times a day. At work, you can put a bottle in the office. Children, when you come back from school or university, take it as your daily life. You will notice immediate results. Never throw away the watermelon rinds; put them in the refrigerator and wipe them off every time you come back from the street. It not only cools the skin but also contains natural fruit acid, which can keep the skin smooth and hydrated. Peel the watermelon; they are good for you

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