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Skin health management is a huge global industry, but how many cases are really obvious in advertising? Laura Howes studied how science is trying to reverse the years, or maybe the present. The whispering guarantees of the never-ending youth you read may be closest to the charm of speculative chemistry and modern science. However, in addition to warranty and packaging, a universe hostile to maturity and skincare is beginning to show clinical proof that it can change the skin of the people who use it. The news was broadcast on BBC Skyline: Most customer lines are camping out of Boots all over the country to obtain the miracle cream that seems to have a scientific basis. For a long time, buyers have at least some real testimonies as a basis for purchase; small examples of women expressing emotional thoughts promoted by the same organization that promoted their articles mean that articles are often used as inappropriate excuses. But then the finishing business further developed. Is Griffith’s experiment a new starting point for the skincare industry? Is there real evidence in the case of the demonstration department?”Wrinkles are caused by the lack of so-called extracellular networks,” Griffith said. “It makes the skin tough and flexible.” Natural ingredients such as sunlight, visible UVA rays, and tobacco smoke separate the collagen and its surrounding multifunctional tissues, which are said to cause wrinkles. “This is our working hypothesis,” Griffiths said. “There is a disturbing clinical link between collagen and fibrillin deficiency and the severity of wrinkles. “In the Boots Element tested by Griffiths, dynamic fixation is beneficial for retinol. , Retinol is a nutrient A. Skin retinoids are first used to treat skin rashes before patients notice recurrence, claiming that these drugs can also improve their wrinkles. In the 1980s, Albert Kligman, a dermatologist who proved Griffith’s “firm and cautious”, demonstrated this result, and the dermatology community is still trying to figure out how retinoic acid is Improve mature skin. What they have in common is that retinoids activate fibroblasts in the skin to provide more collagen and fibrillin, the proteins that make up the skin. An extracellular framework that supports our skin with its vibrant and strong structure. Therefore, you may not wait for the news that skin creams containing retinol have such characteristic improvements, but such creams are available on the street. In their cooperation with Boots, the Griffith team insisted on a measure that the skin biopsy proposed in the article proved the restoration of fibrils, which are like tent nails, attaching the skin to the extracellular scaffold.”We saw this in the repair article, which shocked us.” Another randomized controlled preview, mainly medication savings, showed that #7 Secure and Wonderful Serum clinically improves wrinkles. 2 “As a result of this review, the entire OTC correction display scene has changed.” Griffith added. “You will see companies such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, and Bethe using controlled pretreatment with counterfeit products.” However, are these elements always burning? From the center to the main street, most of the dynamic fixatives in various anti-aging supplements are first used for clinical skin diseases, whether it is retinoids to treat skin inflammation and skin color problems or to antacids to remove the skin and surface more firmly. grade. Cancer prevention ingredients such as nutrients C and E can also reduce wrinkles and pigmentation and prevent ultraviolet radiation. “I have been researching decorative additives since 1995, and in the first 10 years, I have seen a real improvement in formulation characteristics,” said Chris Smith, detail designer at Chrysalis Wellbeing and Excellence, Nottingham, UK. These are the steps to make [ingredients] more vigorous, and you can follow the instructions on the can.

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